Website & Social Media Prove To Be Instrumental In Keeping Us Connected

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our blog posts and social media pages were used as an interesting and in-depth way to give information alongside the conversations we were having with each other when meeting in-person. Since March 2020, our website and social media pages have turned into a necessary vehicle for delivering information during a time when face-to-face interactions have been either limited or non-existent. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, we launched a weekly newsletter titled A Community of Wellness. The goal of our weekly newsletter was to showcase uplifting stories, photos, give reader’s creative ideas on activities to participate in during lockdown, and promote wellness. In January, this transformed into ‘What’s Trending’ – one of the most informative pages on our website. The purpose of this page is to give information about upcoming events, showcase members of our area agency from all departments, give insight into how our area agency is growing, celebrate our partners – and so much more! “Our goal with What’s Trending is to give our community a one-stop destination to learn the latest news about Community Crossroads as well as some fun tips for happenings in the Community. We vary the topics and voices that provide these important features and updates. We hope this information allows readers to feel more connected to our area agency than ever before and find information they need quickly,” said Alicia Buono, Marketing Director. 

In June 2019, we introduced Colby’s Crossroads. Since my introductory post, I have written approximately 80 blog posts about topics that impact the disability community. Education, voting, universal design, sign language, service animals, and disability-owned businesses are just some of the topics covered in the past two years. According to Google Analytics, our Blog page is the 7th most viewed page on our website in the timeframe of March 2020 (the beginning of the pandemic) to now. 

Facebook and Instagram have continued to be a way for us to stay connected with those who live in our local community and beyond. Virtual activities and fundraisers such as the February 2021 Calendar Fundraiser, our virtual scavenger hunts, two NHGives fundraisers, and our #GivingTuesday holiday fundraiser would not have been possible without those who we are connected with on social media sharing our posts. We also take the time to share accurate and unbiased articles on our website about topics that relate to disability – whether it is about legislation on the state or federal level, or a success story that is focused on someone who has a disability. 

With  our blogs, social media pages, and What’s Trending? – we are able to deliver information that is more in-depth, and easily accessible than ever before. One of the best parts about having a strong online presence is that, in a sense,  – we are supporting more than just those who live inside our region. People from other parts of New Hampshire, other parts of New England, or even other parts of the country do read our content and there is a good chance that because of reading our blogs, or seeing what we post on social media, someone is becoming educated on a topic they knew little to nothing about beforehand.  

During a time when so many have felt isolated, and the need for accurate and in-depth information has been crucial, we have put in effort to give readers the best content we could possibly create. We look forward to continuing to give information that is in-depth, accurate, and interesting to our readers. 

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