Thank You Dennis, For All You Have Done 

The path to retirement is a long one for most of us, usually following decades of dedication and commitment to a career or trade. It can be a bittersweet time for the retiree and for those they leave behind at their workplace. That is most certainly how so many of us at Community Crossroads feel about the retirement of our President/CEO, Dennis Powers.  

Dennis first came to Community Crossroads (then known as Region 10 Community Support Services Inc.) in 1991. When Dennis accepted the position as Executive Director, he was living in Virginia with his young family.  Although he did not grow up in the Live Free or Die state, it didn’t take him long to embrace the values and ideals of the NH Developmental Services system and the motto of “Whatever It Takes” to support families and individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Dennis was not new to supporting people with disabilities. In fact, prior to moving to NH, he provided the leadership necessary to close an institution in Maryland. Dennis continued as Executive Director at Region 10 Community Support Services, Inc. until 2002. From there, Dennis accepted the position as Director of the Bureau of Developmental Services in Concord and then Executive Director of Community Support Network, Inc (CSNI) which is the association made up of the 10 New Hampshire area agencies. During his tenure at CSNI, Dennis led the effort to develop the film ‘Lost in Laconia’, and provided the leadership needed to orchestrate the largest & most successful rally at the state house in Concord. This rally was established to assure NH citizens with disabilities receive the funding they need to live and thrive in their communities. 

Dennis Powers at his retirement celebration

Dennis returned to Region 10 Community Support Services, Inc as the President/CEO in 2011. Recognizing the need to re-establish our agency to respond to the growing needs of our communities, Dennis spearheaded efforts to rebrand our organization. In 2012 we became Community Crossroads Inc. and expanded our mission in support of other populations. Through his leadership it became possible for hundreds of children and adults with chronic health conditions; along with seniors statewide, to receive the support they need to remain living in their own homes. 

For several years Dennis played in a key role at the NH Family Leadership Series, as a group leader/mentor to countless families. Vice President Cynthia Mahar said, “I learned first-hand the enormous respect these families had for him while accompanying him to many of the Leadership Series gala’s & graduation events.”

She added, “Working with Dennis has been nothing short of a true pleasure. He is always available with a box of tissues for a good cry when times get tough or a good laugh to destress following a difficult day. He is a steady hand and calm voice in the moments when we need it the most. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t stop by most everyone’s office to say hello and check in on how you are doing.  We have been blessed and honored to have had him here in NH for so many decades.  His legacy will live on through the encouragement he has given to so many families, in those of us who have had the pleasure to work with him, and the strong foundation he has built at Community Crossroads. Bravo, Dennis for a job very well done. You have earned this time, seize this moment, and enjoy!”

Dennis and his wife Lois at his retirement celebration


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