Oral Health

Good Oral Health Leads to Good Overall Health

Community Crossroads has successfully extended our mission by supporting individuals in our community with a comprehensive oral health service. In NH, greater disparities exist relative to oral health for the intellectual/developmental disability population where higher prevalence of poor oral hygiene and oral disease is common. No funding exists for our adult population over 21 years of age. This program was started in order to address the existing gap for adults enrolled in Medicaid, which currently has limited emergency dental coverage only.

Treating adults and children with disabilities can be very difficult for the individual, families and practitioners. The Community Crossroads Oral Health Program is designed to increase access to care and preventative services while actively educating practitioners to overcome some of the unique challenges of caring for patients that experience disabilities. The goal of the program is to deliver a wide variety of affordable dental hygiene services from case management and care coordination to screenings and clinical services for individuals that qualify. This program has been developed and implemented by our Oral Health Program Coordinator. Angela Boyle has an extensive background in oral health as a registered and licensed dental hygienist as well as a public health expert. The success of the program has been the emphasis on understanding the needs of our population in combination with the importance of fostering key relationships in the community. To learn more about Community Crossroads Oral Health Program, please contact Angela Boyle