Something To Smile About

Tuesday, December 1st is known worldwide as Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday). This day is focused on encouraging people to do good, collaborate with each other, and celebrate generosity.

During this holiday season, Community Crossroads is asking you to consider donating to us in support of our Something To Smile About campaign so we can help provide people with developmental and other disabilities the access, education and prevention they deserve when it comes to oral health.

Oral health is important because:

A focus on oral health increases one’s overall quality of life and improves one’s health and wellness. Director of Oral Health Services Angela Boyle said the healthcare industry typically doesn’t consider the mouth, ears, vision and mental health as part of comprehensive care. This is why Angela created a program that integrates a comprehensive approach to oral health by considering the whole individual and adapting to meet them where they are in their life course.

Those with developmental disabilities are at a much greater risk of disease and illness due to medical complexities, diagnosis, limited specialty training for dental professionals, lack of funding to provide treatment, and lack of access to regular maintenance and restorative dental care. Our oral health program carefully considers the challenges those with developmental disabilities face and realizes that each person has their own set of challenges.

To help allow individuals with developmental disabilities receive the access, prevention, and education they deserve, you can donate here on GivingTuesday, and all December long:

To learn more about our Oral Health program, check out page 12 of our brand new Community Report,

Your donation will help provide oral health screenings and prevention visits. Donate and SHARE this information on Tuesday, December 1st using the hashtag #GivingTuesday and/or #TogetherWeGive.

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