Transition to Adulthood

In preparation for life after high school, a child who receives special education services begins transition services at the age of 14. Community Crossroads would like to partner with you, your child, and your child’s IEP team to meet his/her individual needs throughout this phase in his/her life. It is very important that we be involved in school meetings, IEP meetings, transition meetings, etc. Envisioning your son/daughters future is very important. We would like to be a part of that with you.

Your child is entitled to receive special education services through his/her IEP until they turn 21. This is important to be aware of because adult services are not services are not an entitlement and do not begin until the age of 21. Every student will have a unique plan for the future, called their Transition Plan. Some school districts hire adult service providers to begin working on employment skills during high school. Employment is an important step in the development of valued roles, self-esteem, and contributing at home and the community. Each student’s goals in the Transition Plan should be tailored to their particular needs.

Transition Guide

Community Crossroads mails each family going through the transition process a Transition Guide at the age of 15. The guide is complete with pertinent information about consistent enrollment in adult NH Medicaid, known as APTD, how to apply for Social Security benefits and guardianship, etc. We also mail a packet at 17 ½ years of age with some reminders about specific information such as APTD Medicaid, etc. Please contact your service coordinator for additional information that you may need.


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