Family Directed / Self Directed Services for Adults

At Community Crossroads we strive to offer Individuals over the age of 21, their parents/ guardians, as much choice and control as possible. In Participant Directed Services, often referred to as Family or Self Directed, the designated Family Representative works collaboratively with their service coordinator to design, develop, and manage their program. They will work together to develop their budget, within their allocated funding and the parameters of state regulations to determine the hourly wage of their direct support professional, number of hours per week, etc. The Family Representative designs the program, assumes the role of Family Managed Supervisor, hires their staff, and provides the training and supervision to their Family Managed Employee. The assigned Service Coordinator works alongside the Family Representative to guide them through the process and development of their Individual Service Agreement. This service is based on available funding.

Children’s In Home Support Services

In Home Support Services(IHS) is a family designed and directed service for families with children under the age of 21 which offers a flexible and family focused option, The In Home Support Services Waiver allows parents the opportunity to design and manage the services provided to their child in their home. Families work within their allocated budget to determine the hourly wage of their child’s Personal Care Staff and weekly hours of their family managed employee. Families design the goals that their child will work on and act as the family manager to train and supervise their employee. Family members work in collaboration with their Community Crossroads Service Coordination and in accordance with state rules in the development and management of their child’s services. This service is based on available funding.


-number of consecutive interagency collaborative trainings between Community Crossroads and Center for Life Management.