Returning to the Office With Safety In Mind

Since March 2020, most of our area agency’s employees have been working from home. Conversations with the families we support, all-staff meetings, intakes, and department meetings have all – for the most part – been completed over the phone or via Zoom. Throughout the past 12+ months, we have followed data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS) to make the safest decisions possible for those we support, their families, and our employees. 

In recent months throughout New Hampshire, there has been an overall decrease in new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to COVID-19, and the vaccination rate for those in our state continues to grow. For over a year – we have been taking part in conversations regarding reopening the office in the safest way possible. Executive Vice President Cynthia Mahar said, “While the dedicated professionals of Community Crossroads have proven that remote operations have made it possible to effectively support the individuals and families we serve, we are anxious to meet and work in person…Over the summer months, you can expect to see Service Coordinators begin to resume in-person visits to community residencies, day services, enhanced family care providers, and with families.” When these visits are taking place, employees will be required to adhere to NH DHHS Public Health recommendations such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene.  

Inside our office, employees and guests will find that safety is key when it comes to our reopening plan. We have a new cleaning company with experience in healthcare settings for ongoing cleanliness, offices have been deep sanitized before returning, preventative contamination barriers are installed in the front office, hand sanitizing stations are available at building entrances, our area agency has stockpiled on PPE items, air filtration systems have received ongoing maintenance, and employees have been filling out a Health Risk Screening app before entering the building every time they come to the office. 

Employees have been back to participating in face-to-face home/program visits, we look forward to reopening our office to visitors this summer (by appointment only), and employees have been returning to the office regularly. We also realize that families are looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues at our fundraisers, Family Support Council/Partners in Health-sponsored events, and workshops that take place in our office. At this time, the only event we have planned is our 32nd Annual Golf Challenge on August 23rd (you can register HERE). We look forward to seeing you at our events when they resume.   

While we are optimistic about our office’s reopening – we realize that several factors could alter our plans such as a surge in new cases or new variants requiring re-evaluation of our plan. The best way to receive the most up-to-date information about our reopening plan and upcoming workshops and events is to follow our Facebook page: Community Crossroads | Facebook, Instagram page: Instagram, and bookmark the pages on our website titled ‘What’s Trending’: What’s Trending, and ‘COVID-19 Information and Updates’: COVID-19 Information and Updates – Community Crossroads (

[Sheila Prunier, Executive Assistant has been working at Community Crossroads for 30 years. She enjoys welcoming employees and visitors that come through our office — whether they are a familiar or new face.]

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