2020 Policy Partners Virtual Graduation

This past June, the 2020 Policy Partners Graduation ceremony was held virtually. Last September, this group of individuals attended their first session with an eagerness to learn more about how to become a leader in the community, issues that face those with disabilities throughout the state and how to have conversations with lawmakers. 

This year’s graduates include (Top to Bottom – Left to Right in the photo provided)

  1. Samantha Baskin
  2. Chet Brown
  3. Louise Brassard
  4. Carole Dabrowski
  5. Krista Gilbert
  6. Marley Heidel
  7. Leah Lynch
  8. Mary Mullen
  9. Mackenzie Murphy
  10. Danielle Poirier
  11. Leah Stagnone
  12. Patricia Szweda

Along with the graduates, Policy Partners also has a group of mentors who have been through the program previously. These mentors are there to educate and share their own experiences with those that are in the class. 

This year’s mentors include (Top to Bottom – Left to Right in the photo provided)

  1. Jennifer Bertrand
  2. Dennis Powers
  3. Cathy Spinney
  4. Lisa Beaudoin
  5. Mick Natoli
  6. Heather Young
  7. Kori Preble-Boeckeler 
  8. Regan Lampier
  9. Beatrice Vargas
  10. Forrest Beaudoin-Friede (Mentor-In-Training)

The Policy Partners program has been in effect for the past eight years and has resulted in over 120 graduates throughout that timeframe. Program Director, Jennifer Bertrand looks forward to seeing these people lead and participate in the legislative process in the future. 

Program Creator and Ongoing Mentor Cathy Spinney said, “Policy Partners encourages participants to remember that they are disability experts and teaches them how to share their knowledge and experiences with policy makers.” 


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