Planning For The Future of Community Crossroads

Every three years Community Crossroads creates a new Strategic Plan based on trends that are seen both within the organization and out in the community. On November 14, the Board of Directors for Community Crossroads met and approved the new Strategic Plan, one that will run from October of this year until June 2022. 

Facilitator of the Community Crossroads Strategic Plan Peggy Kieschnick said our organization is different than some of the other Strategic Plans she facilitates is our willingness to innovate  to meet the changing needs of those we serve. She is also impressed with the team effort that goes into the plan. The plan includes the voices of families, staff and Board members.

Paying attention to what we are seeing with families and the community helps us decide where to focus moving forward.

What We Are Seeing Today:

With the families we serve….

  • More children with complex needs such as autism, behavioral health issues and issues related to substance misuse in their families. 
  • Families facing the challenges of aging. 
  • Teens in need of more support as they transition to adulthood. 

With our Board and Staff….

  • Long-time staff members reaching retirement age. 
  • A Board transitioning to new leadership. 
  • Internal staffing structures that have not kept pace with our growth. 

In our community….

  • Reimbursement rates that are insufficient to meet the needs of families. 
  • The arrival of “Conflict-Free Case Management.”
  • Critical and persistent workforce shortages. 

Once identifying the trends and issues happening today, we set goals and plan what to do about what we see. 


[Pictured Above: Member of the Board of Directors
Top Row: Elaine Lavin, Laurie Giguere, Cathy Forgit, Kenneth Ferreira, Cathy Spinney, James Watson
Bottom Row: John DeBaun, James Dickerson
Board members missing: Lorraine Butler, Kathleen Dayotis, Dawn George, Robin Knight, Jadine Levesque, Barbara Strzykalski]

Our Goals:

With the families we serve….

  • Increase the quality of services we provide, with a particular focus on: children with complex needs; and families as they transition from one life stage to the next.

With the staff and board….

  • Proactively prepare for transitions among our staff and board. 

With responding to change in the external environment….

  • Position ourselves to respond to a growing demand for service while ensuring that we have the human and financial resources needed to continue to provide only the highest quality of care. 

Peggy said the “proof is in the pudding” when it comes to realizing the success of the Strategic Plan. She said the reason goals set in the plan have been successful in the past is because of a committed and dedicated group of employees and Board of Directors. 

The Strategic Plan adapts through time so the goals and strategies set to achieve those goals will change throughout time to reflect what we see as an organization. 


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