Partners in Health Program Continues To Help Those With Chronic Health Issues

Community Crossroads is the home to our region’s Partners in Health (PIH) program. This program, which began in New Hampshire in the ‘80s, supports those with chronic health issues from birth to age 21. 

Maura Pennisi is our PIH Family Support Coordinator and she explains the program as being focused on each person and meeting their specific needs. Maura notes some of the ways Partners in Health supports those with chronic health issues including help with bill payments, navigating the Medicaid process, modifications to homes and vehicles, and access to places and items the person needs and wants. 

Possibly the most common of them all, however, is the campership funds. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, in-person summer camps have been mostly canceled this year. Despite this, Partners in Health has remained dedicated to helping children have an enjoyable summer. These ways include the creation of an at-home obstacle course, a pool, and the ability to go hiking. While these are just some of the ways the program helps, Maura noted that too often, families don’t realize the wide range of ways this program can assist someone in need. 

While this program may seem similar to the Fundraising Committee on the surface due to the nature of the two, unlike the Fundraising Committee which is based on our annual fundraisers, the Partners in Health program receives a grant from the Alexander Eastman Foundation and gets flexible discretionary money from the state. 

Along with addressing and meeting the needs of each family and child, the program also hosts events. Last winter, Partners in Health and Community Crossroads clients partnered to rent out a whole movie theater to watch ‘The Polar Express’. Events such as these allow kids to socialize and enjoy themselves. 

While this year’s circumstances have caused events to be put on hold this year, Partners in Health remains committed to helping kids and families access what they need to improve their lives. Sometimes this may include things like working on getting Kona Ice gift cards to families and allowing families to call the Kona Ice truck instead of having to wait for it. 

The dedication to each family day-in and day-out has allowed this program to enrich the lives of so many people in our region, 


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