Meet Tanya Hart Newkirk, Our New Director of Budget & Financial Operations

Over the summer, Community Crossroads hired Tanya Hart Newkirk to be our new Director of Budget & Financial Operations. Despite being new to Community Crossroads, Tanya has nearly a decade of experience working in our state’s area agency system. She previously worked for One Sky Community Services (Region 8) in Portsmouth where she began as a Service Coordinator before working her way into the business side of things. At that time she worked on funding and financial processes. Throughout her time working at One Sky, she realized she wanted to work on her leadership skills.  Her strengths were business-oriented and she decided to get her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. “I tried to figure out a way to marry my heart (helping) and my head (numbers and strategy)”. Tanya said a great aspect of the area agency system in our state is how “complex, but individual focused” each of the services are in helping individuals to reach their goals. She stated that it takes a big, supportive community to allow each area agency to reach its goals. Tanya mentioned she has heard a lot of praise for our agency throughout the state before she even began working with us, and looks forward to being a part of our community. 

A goal of Tanya’s is to “help the agency adapt to changes in the state system by creating flexible sound financial strategies and processes that will allow Community Crossroads to continue to flourish”. She said this is only possible by building and maintaining strong partnerships with individuals and their support communities, vendors and our partners at the State of New Hampshire. She is often on the phone with either the state or our vendors finding solutions and making important financial decisions together. 

Outside of work, Tanya spends time with her husband, four kids and two dogs, a Purebred Irish Wolfhound, Van Morrison  and an Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrenees mix, Loose Lucy. She is also an avid concert-goer, noting that she usually goes to 12-15 live shows per year, and loves the Red Sox. 

She is looking forward to getting to know more of the staff at Community Crossroads and being a part of our community. 

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