My Life Visions Experience

Life Visions, a partner to Community Crossroads where I spend every Monday and Friday, has proven itself as not only a place of opportunity, but also a place where individuals can have lots of fun and be themselves. Parents and caregivers’ minds should be at ease knowing that throughout the day, there are lots of fun activities going on. Their days include things like going out to lunch, doing community service and my favorite – theatre group.

Working with the theatre group has been a wonderful experience.  It allowed me to use skills I learned from key staff at Community Crossroads, and apply those same skills over at Life Visions. I worked every day alongside individuals who range in personalities, tastes, style, you name it! But no matter how different each person is from one another, they all have one thing in common: their love for Life Visions and all that it offers.


During my time at Life Visions, I worked both hands-on and from the sideline. When I wasn’t working with staff, I often sat with my script (courtesy of the program directors), followed along, and made sure to note useful things both physically in my notes and mentally. In my notes I would write what kinds of changes were made so that in case people forgot or needed help remembering what was changed, I could recall it. Mentally, I made sure to pay attention to how staff would direct individuals and their scenes, how they would adjust to each individual’s needs, and mostly how much fun everyone was having while putting in an enormous amount of work at every rehearsal.

I am truly going to miss Life Visions when the semester ends and I am no longer an intern for both them and Community Crossroads. I will miss all of the staff’s jokes and sarcasm. I will miss how people would always come up to me after rehearsal to ask about my week or weekend. I will remember how happy everyone was to be there, the wonderful people, and everything else I gained from having the privilege of working at Life Visions.


(Pictured with me above from left to right: Stacey Rudolph, Gayle Feugill, Delia Davis, Kelsey Curtis, Nick Saporito-all Direct Support Professionals at Life Visions)



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