Recently I was able to experience a sort of “thank you” that the Family Support Council at Community Crossroads provided for the staff, as well as learn exactly what what they do.

The Family Support Council (or FSC), in my understanding, is a group of individuals who are real life family members of those that Community Crossroads provides services to. The FSC helps other families by giving support, helping to further educate others, and meets once month to stay current on everything that everyone has to contribute. You can read more about the group on the Family Support Council section of Community Crossroads’ website.

The “thank you” that I was lucky enough to experience with everyone was a once-a-year lunch that the council hosts for the staff. There’s lots of good food, bonding between staff, raffles, and even a presentation from the council themselves recognizing the staff for all they do.

During the raffles, each name of a staff member was called and when they went up they got their prize, sat down, and then something amazing happened; almost every staff member gave their prize to someone who wasn’t called instead. This just goes to show what a team C.C. is and how much respect and bonds with fellow coworkers there are within the office.

I’d like to add that throughout my time being at Community Crossroads, I’ve seen so many opportunities given to staff to come together. Whether it be fundraisers, all-staff meetings, company lunches, you name it! They really are a great team who support each other and help one another whether it be personally or professionally.

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