Early Supports & Services

Recently, Community Crossroads arranged for me to go and do an intake with Tammy Dudal, the Family Centered Early Supports & Services Coordinator. We met up at a family’s home and I got to see, first hand, what kinds of things Tammy does for her job. For instance, Tammy is amazing at explaining each and every step of the intake process. She makes sure to stop between her explanations to ensure she answers any and all questions that the family has. She takes the time to go into every detail of the intake process, this way the family is aware of everything that is happening and that there are no surprises. She also is great at paying close attention to, and sort of reading, how the family is responding in terms of how worried or anxious they are, and does well to make sure they are comfortable as best she can.

There are lots of things that, previous to this experience, I had no idea could be signs that a child under the age of three might benefit from services. For example, if a child is not pointing to an object that they want, but rather reaching for it, or if a child isn’t using a utensil to eat yet, or just not hitting certain growth marks in general that I wasn’t aware even existed. It’s truly interesting to hear the perspective of someone who works with children all the time vs. family members who are new to things like this and ask questions that I was sitting there wondering myself.


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