100 Smiles for the Holidays Campaign

I recently had a chance to meet with Angela Boyle, the Director of Oral Health Services at Community Crossroads. I interviewed Angela to gather more information about her and what she does, and also learn more about our 100 Smiles for the Holidays Campaign.

In this interview, one of the very first things I asked was what her job is in the agency. She told me that six years ago, at the start of her time here at Community Crossroads, she was the Oral Health Coordinator. Throughout the progression of her career, she did informal surveys to find out what the needs were from everyday people, and met with other service coordinators to find out what the issues were, in their perspective, in order to build her program from the ground up.

She described her work as being in two phases. Phase one: build the program, learn about everything it needs and doesn’t need, and make adjustments. Phase two: deliver services and expand the program. She also described the overall program as being about three main things; education, prevention, and access to services. As Angela said, “Oral health is connected to the rest of the body. It’s not just teeth!”

What the 100 Smiles for the Holidays Campaign can do, with just one donation, is give an individual the opportunity to receive a screening and assessment, which includes looking for disease, general oral health problems, screening for cancer, screening the soft tissue, looking for missing teeth, etc. This helps to assess the risk for future issues and provide prevention!

I asked Angela for her input on why it’s especially important for these individuals to receive this care, and she responded with telling me how these individuals sometimes have increased medical complications that predispose them to oral health issues, and that many individuals are also on medications that increase risk of these issues, as well as physical limitations sometimes restricting individuals from keeping up with good oral hygiene enough to ward off disease.

I had a wonderful time speaking with Angela and learning about why her role is so vital to the agency, as well as gaining some further knowledge on our 100 Smiles Campaign! Personally, I had no idea, prior to my time speaking with Angela and many others around the office, how large the need was for individuals to receive the care provided by this campaign. Imagine needing to see a professional because you or someone you know is having issues with oral health. This campaign eliminates that issue along with giving the preventative care in order to maintain an individual’s good oral health. In the spirit of the holiday season, I hope that we can raise enough money so that everyone can be happy and healthy for this wonderful time of year! To donate to this campaign visit:


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