Meet the Council…Mike Phillips

The Community Crossroads Family Support Council (FSC) is an advisory board to the Community Crossroads agency to support, educate, and empower families. Families helping families is the best way to describe this group of 12 volunteers. 

Member of the Family Support Council Mike Phillips first became acquainted with Community Crossroads because of his son is supported by our area agency and his wife Sue, who also has a disability, is also supported by us. 

Due to his interest in advocating for families and individuals with disabilities, Mike attended a FSC meeting and realized he could bring his own skills and knowledge to the group. A Council event Mike enjoyed putting together was the Oldie’s Night. As a DJ himself, Mike had a good time putting together the playlist for the evening while the attendees had fun dressing up and hearing Oldie’s tunes. He has also introduced costumes to our events such as Minions, Ninja Turtles and Elmo. He notes it is rewarding to see people enjoying the Council events. 

Mike is a NH Leadership 2020 graduate. Participating in Leadership has given him more skills and connections that will help him become an even stronger advocate. Currently, he sits on the NH Developmental Disabilities Council’s Member Relations Committee. This committee recruits applicants to fill Council vacancies, screens and interviews candidates, and makes recommendations to other committees.  

Currently the Family Support Council is promoting their 1st Annual Calendar Fundraiser which runs until the end of the month. You can find more information about the fundraiser here: The fundraiser, which will give a prize to one lucky person each day of February, goes to help families with developmental disabilities live a more accessible and inclusive life. 

Mike’s goal is to use his skills learned from Leadership, the FSC, and the DD Council to advocate for people with disabilities, their families, and those who work with people with disabilities such as Home Care Providers, Direct Support Professionals, and area agency employees. He recognizes that many DSP’s/HCP’s are underpaid and understaffed and he wants to be a part of changing that. He believes that being on multiple Councils as an advocate for those workers will result in them being more appreciated and better paid. 


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