Meet The Council…Mike Needleman

The Community Crossroads Family Support Council (FSC) is an advisory board to the Community Crossroads agency to support, educate, and empower families. Families helping families is the best way to describe this group of 12 volunteers. 

About two years ago, Mike Needleman joined the FSC. However, his connection to our area agency began much earlier. Mike has a daughter (18) and a son (16), who are both on the autism spectrum. As a result, Mike and his family have become familiar with the people who work at Community Crossroads and what we do. 

After a conversation with some of his friends who were already on the Council – Mike decided to join himself. His favorite part of being on the FSC is being able to give different perspectives on how families we support are impacted. One activity put on by the FSC that Mike is proud of is the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. “This activity gave people the opportunity to find items in their own home that anyone could find – and it was during a time when people were not able to see people which made it even more memorable,” Mike said. 

Mike said some of the skills he has gained throughout his career have helped him while sitting on the FSC. Right after college – Mike worked in a long term care facility where he helped plan activities for those in the facility. He was involved with the planning of many activities every month and because of that, he learned how to gain a mindset of planning activities everyone could participate in. “Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to put a creative spin on things and envision different possibilities for the activities we do.”

Aside from sitting on the FSC, Mike enjoys sharing advice and his expertise on Dad-specific Facebook groups. He believes that sharing knowledge and advice will help everyone become stronger advocates for those who have a disability – whether they are in our community, or beyond. 





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