Meet The Council…Karen Hatch

The Community Crossroads Family Support Council (FSC) is an advisory board to the Community Crossroads agency to support, educate, and empower families. Families helping families is the best way to describe this group of 12 volunteers. 

Karen Hatch joined the Family Support Council about two years ago. “I had retired from working at Community Crossroads as a Family Support Coordinator and I wanted to continue being a part of representing the voice of the agency,” Karen said. She noted many families don’t realize how many valuable resources are out there on a state and local level and she helps families become connected to those resources. 

She is a member of many committees throughout our state such as the Developmental Disabilities Council. These committees help her gather resources and give her a better understanding of what is going on in our area when it comes to issues that impact those with disabilities. Along with the committees, she is also on Facebook groups that include those with disabilities, parents/guardians, and advocates.

Karen hopes that someday there will be a database where families, those who work for area agencies, and advocates can add resources and information that is helpful to all. “Information is key in fostering relationships with these families. Resources open doors for people who experience differences,” Karen said. 

Along with giving resources to families, Karen enjoys being a part of planning events. A recent event that went well was the calendar fundraiser. She said this event was easy to get people involved in because it involved the chance to win a prize each day for an entire month. Karen said she looks forward to in-person events returning someday. Prior to the pandemic, the FSC held events such as 80’s Night, dances, fall festival, karaoke, ice cream socials, and the Caregiver’s Cruise. She believes these events are a great way to get people to have a fun time and socialize. Karen is excited for the return of these events that so many of us enjoy. 



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