Meet the Council…Julie Blomberg

The Community Crossroads Family Support Council (FSC) is an advisory board to the Community Crossroads agency to support, educate, and empower families. Families helping families is the best way to describe this group of volunteers. 

In 2014, Julie Blomberg graduated from the New Hampshire Leadership Series. She said that throughout the series – she learned more about advocacy than she could’ve imagined and was energized by the people she met who shared their stories and experiences. 

Soon after participating in Leadership, Julie joined the Council where she could be an advocate for those in the community, help plan Council activities, and make connections with others on the FSC. Our organization’s mission is important to Julie because her 17-year-old son has autism. Julie enjoys exchanging resources, information, and stories with other members of the Council. 

Last year, she helped make the 1st Annual Calendar Fundraiser a success by helping to come up with the idea and donating gift cards. The 2nd Annual Calendar Fundraiser is happening NOW, and you won’t want to miss it. Click HERE to purchase tickets and learn more. 

Outside of the Council, Julie continues to educate others about what our area agency does and promotes our fundraisers through word-of-mouth. As a Kindergarten teacher, Julie finds it important to promote our organization, and help children and families understand how to treat people of all abilities. 

When she isn’t sitting on the Council or at her job, she enjoys spending time at Cape Cod with her family, watching her kids play sports, and listening to music. She is looking forward to the next in-person FSC event so she can see familiar and new faces once again!! 

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