Meet The Council…Joe Goulet

The Community Crossroads Family Support Council (FSC) is an advisory board to the Community Crossroads agency to support, educate, and empower families. Families helping families is the best way to describe this group of 12 volunteers. 

Joe Goulet joined the Family Support Council in 2019. His interest in joining the Council began when he was on the Caregiver’s Cruise – an event that the Family Support Council puts on to celebrate all caregivers and give them a much needed break. Joe enjoys having discussions about the needs of people who have a disability and decided that joining the Council would be the perfect way to partake in more of those conversations. “All of the people involved have so much knowledge and can feed off of each other,” Joe said.

[Joe Goulet, Family Support Council member]

Joe has helped plan events that the Council holds such as the ‘80s dance and looks forward to planning many more! He also wants to showcase all the resources that are out there for families to utilize such as Bridging The Horizons, a nonprofit initiative aimed at providing entertainment for people with disabilities at a low cost.  

Outside of the Family Support Council, Joe is an auctioneer and owns the business Clutter Pay$ in Salem. According to, it is “a full service auction company specializing in auctions throughout New England”. It is important to Joe that anyone with or without a disability is included in his business whether they are a customer or employee. 

Joe and his wife Donna have adopted five children through NH Foster Care. “It is one of the best things I ever did in my life aside from marrying my wife Donna. With my son Joseph, we have met so many great people and one of them is DJ Mike Phillips. He introduced me to the committee,” Joe said. 


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