Community Crossroads is governed by an all volunteer  Board of Directors. Bylaw, at least a third of the members must be someone with a developmental disability or a family member of someone with a developmental disability. There are currently 14 members of the Board of Directors. Some have been on the Board for several years and have helped make crucial decisions for the organization while others are brand new members looking forward to being involved.

Robin Knight has sat on both the Family Support Council and the Board of Directors in the 20-plus years she has been associated with Community Crossroads. First, she joined the Family Support Council when her son, who is currently 27 and has Autism Spectrum Disorder, was just three years old. She joined as a way to stay updated on issues that people with disabilities face and get to know others in the community. 

Just over a decade ago, she became the Chairwoman of the FSC which meant she was added to the Board. While sitting on the Board, she has enjoyed discussing different ways to support those with disabilities and how to navigate through life and different systems while having a disability. 

Some of the accomplishments Robin sees in both herself and the Board as a whole have been opposing managed care, helping to develop Policy Partners and being an overseer on decisions that impact Community Crossroads employees and families in the community. 

Robin believes a reason the Board is so effective at accomplishing their goals is because of a strong line of communications within the Board itself and Community Crossroads employees. She noted that because of the many different perspectives and backgrounds of those on the Board, everyone brings their own ideas and it leads to better discussions. 

As a career, Robin works for the Parkland Medical Center as a Department Assistant in Occupational Health. She noted that because some who are served by Community Crossroads have a dual diagnosis, she can connect her career to some of the conversations that happen during Board meetings that relate to behavioral health. Participating on the Board and having a job in the medical field has also allowed her to connect people to resources and give contact directly. 

Robin said one of her hopes regarding the future of the Board is not having to fight for money versus rights every two years. She stated, “you shouldn’t have to fight for the money that should be available.” 

She added anyone can join the Board as long as there is a desire to help. Each Board member’s life skills help to give the group new perspectives and ideas and yours will too!


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