Meet the Board…John DeBaun 

Community Crossroads is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. By law, at least a third of the members must be someone with a developmental disability or a family member of someone with a developmental disability. There are currently 14 members of the Board of Directors. Some have been on the Board for several years and have helped make crucial decisions for the organization while others are brand new members looking forward to being involved.

For John DeBaun, the partnership between Community Crossroads and Pentucket Bank is one he knows well. As Senior Vice President of Pentucket Bank and Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the past two years, John is able to use skills from his career in a volunteer setting. 

John joined the Board of Directors after being approached by Dennis, someone John has known for a long time as their kids played together when they were younger. Believing in the mission and values of Community Crossroads, John then decided to join. 

One of the many positive attributes of the Board that John notes is the wide range of backgrounds and perspectives that the members have. John notes in some cases those perspectives stem from where they work and bringing those skills to the Board, in other cases, members have needs or family members with needs that are the same as our clients. He noted these perspectives along with the passion each of the members has leads to a Board that works together cohesively. 

One of the major accomplishments of the Board that John has seen since joining has been creating the most recent Strategic Plan. “Through the process, they take the time to envision the changing needs of clients, employees and communities as well as discuss how to best meet those needs,” John said who added working together on key priorities is important for an organization. 

Another accomplishment in recent years has been the Tuition Assistance Program. This program has allowed Community Crossroads employees to receive assistance to continue their education and receive a higher degree. This is a program that according to John shows how much Community Crossroads values their employees and wants them to succeed. 

[pictured below is John (3rd from left) along with Pentucket staff and Community Cross words employees, Chris Roy, Dennis Powers and Jennifer Bertrand]

An aspect of his day job that is associated with Community Crossroads is the fact that we work so closely with Pentucket Bank throughout the year. Whether it is through our “Giving Tree” during the holidays or being a premiere sponsor for our fundraisers, this partnership is of monumental value to us. 

John looks forward to continuing to be part of a group of people who value each others’ ideas, clients and employees so highly. 

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