Meet the Board…Jadine Levesque

Community Crossroads is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. By law, at least a third of the members must be someone with a developmental disability or a family member of someone with a developmental disability. There are currently 14 members of the Board of Directors. Some have been on the Board for several years and have helped make crucial decisions for the organization while others are brand new members looking forward to being involved.

One incoming member, Jadine Levesque, is looking forward to educating herself while being a member of the Board of Directors and help support the Board in a positive direction. 

For Jadine, her interest began when she joined the New Hampshire Leadership Series through the Institute on Disability (IOD) at UNH which “provides state of the art information and strategies to effect change on disability related issues locally and across the state.” [Jadine is pictured below standing in white vest along with her Leadership Action Group-“Oral Health Care for Adults on Medicaid.”] Jadine said that at first she didn’t know to the full extent what the NH Leadership Series provided but after learning more she realized it could better help the life of her 16 year old son, who experiences autism and anxiety, both educationally and within the community. 


After graduating from the NH Leadership Series, she considered joining the Family Support Council at Community Crossroads.. However, due to her interests and experience, she decided to join the Board of Directors instead. Some of her experience includes working in a residential group home, grant writing and working with people of all ages. These skills along with having a Master’s Degree in Human Services Administration led her to realizing the Board of Directors would be the right place for her. One aspect of being a new member of the Board of Directors that Jadine notes is observing and listening to the discussions that are taking place. 

Jadine said a major reason she feels that now is the right time to become involved with the Board of Directors is because the NH Leadership Series and Community Crossroads have given her so much and she wants to give back. Her advice to people who are on the fence about joining the NH Leadership Series or otherwise getting involved is, “Take a leap of faith. You don’t know what you don’t know.”



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