Meet the Board…Dawn George

Community Crossroads is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. By law, at least a third of the members must be someone with a developmental disability or a family member of someone with a developmental disability. There are currently 14 members of the Board of Directors. Some have been on the Board for several years and have helped make crucial decisions for the organization while others are brand new members looking forward to being involved.

For Dawn George, spending her day volunteering at Community Crossroads’ fundraisers such as the Kids’ Carnival and the Silent Auction is time well spent. Dawn is entering her third year as a Board of Directors member. She describes herself as the volunteer type and someone who is always eager to help out in any way that she can. 

Dawn joined the Board of Directors after speaking with Dennis about what the Board is about and becoming interested in the Board’s goals and values. 

One aspect of being on the Board of Directors that Dawn really enjoys is seeing so many people on the Board eager to build ideas into a reality as well as seeing so many prioritizing the needs of the individuals we serve.

For the past 25 years, Dawn has been a Deposit Systems Officer at Pentucket Bank, an organization that we have a strong and long lasting partnership with. One of the ways Pentucket Bank and Community Crossroads partner is around the holidays with the giving tree. The Giving Tree is placed in the Hampstead location allowing community members to purchase gifts for members of the community. Dawn mentioned that each year many that come into the bank will ask about the tree and Dawn is always happy to inform people about this community-wide expression of gratitude. 

Another way that we partner with Pentucket Bank is by having them as a major sponsor for our fundraisers. Recently Pentucket Bank began giving an annual donation that is spread out between our fundraisers such as the Kids Carnival, Golf Tournament and Silent Auction. We are grateful to Dawn for her service to the Board these past three years and to Pentucket Bank for their on-going support. 

Dawn looks forward to continuing to help at our various fundraisers and be part of conversations that lead to individuals we serve to live a better life. 

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