Meet The Board…Cathy Spinney 

Community Crossroads is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. By law, at least a third of the members must be someone with a developmental disability or a family member of someone with a developmental disability. There are currently 14 members of the Board of Directors. Some have been on the Board for several years and have helped make crucial decisions for the organization while others are brand new members looking forward to being involved.

One member who has been on the Board of Directors for over 15 years is Cathy Spinney. Prior to joining the Board, Cathy always read the Newsletter for Community Crossroads, in one of the issues she noticed information regarding joining the Board. Due to her interest in making meaningful decisions and being an advocate, she decided to join. 

Cathy said many of her biggest accomplishments while sitting on the Board have been due to a group of dedicated people working together. One of these accomplishments have been making sure area agencies in New Hampshire have been able to exist and thrive. Cathy said it is important for as many people as possible to understand what a good service delivery in our state is and making sure it continues. 

Cathy’s personal connection to Community Crossroads runs deeper than being on the Board. Her daughter Kelly, who is now in her 30’s, has Rett syndrome. This genetic disorder results in Kelly needing full care at all times whether she is being brought from her bed to a wheelchair or in order to eat. Cathy looks at her daughter’s diagnosis positively however, as she stated she is “blessed” Rett syndrome doesn’t come along with much sickness. 

This taught Cathy how to dig deeper in terms of finding the right doctors for her daughter and being more informed about advocacy for those with disabilities. Nowadays, Cathy is an advocate herself and noted, “it is a mistake to assume people know information,” in regards to making sure lawmakers and others in the community can understand the importance of the issues pertaining to those with disabilities. She went on to say, “one of the most important parts of being a parent is making sure your children are secure.” By being on the Board, Cathy is making sure not only her daughter, but every other person with a disability in NH is secure. 


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