Helping the Lives of NH Adults

A connecting theme throughout the many aspects of the Community Crossroads organization is making a difference in the lives of those in the community.  Just one way this mission is accomplished is through its Choices for Independence (CFI) program. CFI staff work collaboratively both within the agency and in the broader community to provide adults who qualify for Medicaid with opportunities to live successful and independent lives. 

CFI Service Coordinator Rosemary Todd described how the program assists adults of all ages. From chairs, walkers, toilet seat risers, ramps, deep house cleanings and more, the CFI program serves as a resource center to fulfil each request. 

  During the agency’s recent staff meeting, a story was told about service coordinators and community members coming together to donate a badly needed hospital bed.  According to Rosemary, networking both offline and online is critical in the ability to find what is needed. By searching media like Facebook and, a website that promotes the buying and selling of a variety of items, people are able to fulfill their needs—often at low cost and at times, for free.  The right online resources can lead to independence.


CFI staff and the community at large often utilize the Loaner’s Closet in Londonderry.  The Closet is part of Community Caregivers of Greater Derry and provides a wide range of equipment to be loaned at no cost for a period of time determined by the person in need.  There are no eligibility requirements for the Loaner’s Closet items.   According to their website, the organization began with identification of a need for equipment among low income and elderly individuals who could either not find nor afford necessary items.  Rosemary notes that despite the name “Loaner’s Closet,” users may keep the items as long as needed, even indefinitely.

The process in making sure those in need have the proper equipment is straightforward. If a brand new item is required, the CFI program obtains quotes from two different vendors. The client then signs forms from the vendors stating the price of the equipment they are requesting. The submission is sent to the state for authorization. If approved, the need is fulfilled.  Aside from physical equipment, the CFI program also provides guidance when homemakers, personal care aides and home health aides are required.

As can be imagined, individuals benefiting from these invaluable services are deeply appreciative.  The CFI program has allowed people in need to both gain and maintain their independence. One individual was actually unable to leave his upstairs home until CFI provided resources enabling a full and more independent life.  A motorized wheelchair proved life-changing. 

 Rosemary noted the key to all of this is networking and coming together to find solutions.  Despite everyone having their own caseload, CFI Coordinators work together to provide crucial assistance to support NH citizens in their own homes.  It’s just one more example of how Community Crossroads works to accomplish so much good within the state of New Hampshire. 

The initial contact and entry point for the Choices of Independence (CFI) program is the following:

 For more information visit their website or contact them at 1-866-634-9412


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