Grants at Work

The ‘Grants at Work’ portion of our website highlights some of the many ways our fundraising dollars are put to use. Throughout the year, events such as our Golf Tournament, Silent Auction and Kids Carnival raise both money and awareness of who we are and what we do. Lately, these grants have been funded through the creativity of our virtual fundraisers. In June of this year, we participated in the NHGives virtual fundraiser and we are holding a Virtual Golf Challenge fundraiser throughout the entire summer. Having these virtual events has helped us continue to fundraise, even when in-person events aren’t possible. Through our fundraising committee, this money raised goes on to help the wellbeing and lives of so many people. The ways that fundraising dollars help individuals include:

  • Gym/Pool Membership
  • Community/Recreational Activities
  • Home Repair/Furniture/Clothing
  • Therapy
  • Camperships
  • Education/Conference
  • Technology/Adaptive Equipment
  • Transportation

Click here to read the testimonials from some of the families and individuals who have been helped by our Fundraising Grants.  


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