Goodbye Summer – It Sure Was Fun!

This summer – Community Crossroads employees have enjoyed reuniting with their family and friends, as well as participating in activities they have missed out on for over a year. Here are some of our employees enjoying the summer of 2021!

[Dennis celebrated his birthday with his family at North Hampton beach]

[Cynthia, her daughter, and her daughter’s best friend]


[Angela took a trip to visit her daughter. Her daughter graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Mastery in Fine Arts, History, and Language and moved to Florida after grad school. This was the first time Angela had seen her in over a year due to the pandemic. Their time together was so special.]


[During Memorial Day weekend, Julia was able to go to Kansas to attend her best friend’s daughter’s graduation and party. It was so great for her to see them all in person.]


[The first picture is of Lisa H. and her family on a day trip to Ogunquit, Maine. The second picture is of Abagail (left) and Natalie (right) when they went to Nashua for the Historic Aircraft Display where they go inside World War II planes.]


[Lisa M. went on a girl’s trip over the summer. “There’s a bunch of us from college (too many years ago, 22 years ago) that get together. This year we were up near Rochester on Lake Ontario. As you can see I am playing cornhole in the one and in the other is from a pedal tour around Rochester,” Lisa said.]


[Crystal went to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor with her parents. “It was a great way to get out and explore beautiful local spots again after a year inside,” Crystal said.]

[Tammy hanging out with her besties]

[Alicia and her family got together for a family photo]

[“This picture was taken on Easter Sunday 2021 and it was the first time our family was able to safely get together for dinner and visit indoors with my husband’s parents – the kid’s grandparents – Grandpa and Grandma Bertrand since March 2020.” – Jenn B.]


[“I went fishing this summer with my friends! I caught two fish!” – Colby]

We hope you enjoyed this collection of photos!!


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