Goodbye Bill!

Friday June 28th saw the end of an era here at Community Crossroads.

After 26 years as our Chief Financial Officer, Bill Dillon moved on to a well -deserved retirement filled with golf, grandkids, and time at the lake with his wife Ann.

Bill leaves behind a legacy of humor, caring and flexibility in managing the agency budget to meet the growing needs of individuals and families. When he first joined the organization in 1993, our budget was about $7.5 million dollars. Since that time, it has quadrupled to over $28 million! Through it all, Bill provided outstanding stewardship of our finances which invariably resulted in a small year- end surplus. In the process, he devised creative ways to maximize every dollar in support of the people we serve, most of whom he knew personally.

Over seventy of his current and former co-workers, friends, families, board members, and provider representatives came together with Bill and his family to celebrate his retirement and thank him for his many years of service to our community. They were treated to a touching video which chronicled all of the wonderful achievements during his tenure.

Thanks for the privilege of working with you for all these years. We are better people for it.

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