Grants at Work

Grants & Putting Fundraising Dollars to Work

Community Crossroads remains dedicated to supplementing our efforts by actively fundraising. Our employees work hard in collaboration with community partners and dedicated volunteers to host several events each year and bring in critical funds. The Fundraising Grant Committee awards monies for things that are not covered by Medicaid or insurance. In Fiscal Year 2019, we distributed nearly $74,000+ to provide supports that helped hundreds individuals and families. Grants were used for many wonderful things and are shining examples of the ties that bind us with the community–a true public/private partnership toward making our communities places for people of all abilities to access and enjoy.

Thanks to your support, Isabella can attend dance classes!  Isabella is loving the dance classes! Due to anxiety, Isabella typically has a very difficult time separating from me, but because of her deep love for music and movement she is motivated to do these classes independently. They are really giving her confidence, meeting some of her sensory needs and bringing her so much joy!

Fundraising efforts have assisted Jared and his family in renting a wheelchair van on a trip to Florida and enjoying activities including seeing the Blue Man Group!

“Thank you for providing Taylor with a new iPad! We were transitioning out of the local school district, and were unable to take her iPad with us, leaving my non-verbal daughter without means to communicate. You stepped in and procured a new/updated iPad and the software needed for Taylor’s communication. She absolutely loves the new iPad, and is talking away!”

Thanks to your support, Cole is employed!  Cole was able to work with a life coach to improve his skills and get a new job.
Pictured are Cole and his life coach enjoying time walking the neighborhood and talking about life after his day at work.

Jarit was able to take driving lessons at Bensons and did very well, he recently received his license!
He is very proud of his success and thankful for the support of Community Crossroads.

Thanks to your support, Bob has been able to enjoy zip lining!  Here he is pictured at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH.


number of individuals we serve with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders and their families

Kids’ Carnival Save the Date

Join us for our best & largest Kids Carnival yet, at the Woodbury Middle School in Salem, NH!  This FREE community event features lots of arts & craft activities, carnival games and contests as well as demonstrations from local community groups.