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Grants & Putting Fundraising Dollars to Work

Community Crossroads remains dedicated to supplementing our efforts by actively fundraising. Our employees work hard in collaboration with community partners and dedicated volunteers to host several events each year and bring in critical funds. The Fundraising Grant Committee awards monies for things that are not covered by Medicaid or insurance. In Fiscal Year 2021, we distributed more than $50,000+ to provide supports that helped hundreds of individuals and families. Grants were used for many wonderful things and are shining examples of the ties that bind us with the community–a true public/private partnership toward making our communities places for people of all abilities to access and enjoy.

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“Thank you so much for funding our son’s new iPad for his communication programming.  He has used this communication technique for over 7 years and when his iPad broke we were unsure on how we would continue his progress with touch chat programming.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to replace his iPad and continue progress towards his communication goals.  We appreciate your kind efforts!!”

“This is Brian. He uses his phone to operate a switch. That was the benefit of having a hub also. He was so pleased that he was being more independent. He said, ‘these switches and hub allow me to be independent. I no longer have to ask someone from another room to come in and turn on lights and more on for me.” He can’t wait to get more! Thank you so much!”

“Amanda has been having a blast this summer with the funds that were available to her through the campership request. She went to Weirs, Lake Winnipesaukee. We went out on the Sophie C mailboat, the morning run, also out of the Weirs! Sooo fun. She also went mini golfing in Wells, Maine.”

Thank you for the funds that helped a lot”

“Michael was able to attend Double H Summer Camp from 6/23-6/27. This camp is for medically involved children, and thankfully there was enough staffing to deal with Michael’s medical issues and issues caused by his ABI. Michael thoroughly enjoyed going to the camp and we stayed in the area incase any issues arose. He also was able to attend the TRMS Band Camp from 6/28-6/30, and he will be attending TRMS Soccer Camp from 8/8-8/10.

Thank you for the financial support for Michael to be able to fill his summer with different activities to support his learning and attempt to make friends.”

“Nathan and I want to thank Community Crossroads for helping to fund an annual father/son trip I take with Nathan. I utilize this time away with Nathan to discuss life issues with him…work, family, career, relationships, etc. They are valuable trips as we dedicate time together. This year, we spent two days in North Conway, NH. We played many rounds of mini-golf, took a trip on the Conway Scenic Railroad (he loves trains), and spent a half day at Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln (another train ride)!”

Here is a photo of Kathleen in her new chair. Kathy and her daughter shared how wonderful the chair is. It allowed Kathy to go on a family vacation to Florida and be comfortable enough to enjoy it.

Caleb uses his iPad for a variety of things including access to telehealth services. Caleb’s family is thankful to Community Crossroads and the Fundraising Committee for this.

Lucy is a wonderful 5yo autistic girl who is intelligent, kind, and is a hard worker.  She struggles with executive function and skill transference.  Horse lessons have given her confidence and patience with herself and others. Because of the feedback of the well trained horses at Greenwoods, they enable her to puzzle out what to do next and it carries over to everything.  It’s helped her to avoid dangerous and destructive coping skills, giving us better time together.

Cullen is fascinated by and drawn to water.  The funds he received provided individualized/professional swim instruction to teach him how to swim and be safe. Drowning is among the leading causes of death of individuals with Autism.  Your support helps save lives!

Emily and her family would like to thank all who made it possible for Emily to have her own laptop. She has gained some independence while searching  for information needed for school projects or homework assignments. She is building confidence and gaining knowledge at her own speed. She is ready for days when school is remote. She is starting to enjoy her learning experiences at her own speed.

We’re thankful for the support received from Community Crossroads that enables our son to attend his gym class. We’ve watched his confidence increase as well as his physical fitness. He bounces around the ninja course and enjoys himself. One of the best things is that he has no apprehension at drop off time, (getting him off to school used to be a battle!) He enjoys going to gym now and looks forward to each class.

Community Crossroads has been instrumental in providing opportunities for Luke to be able to participate like other children in activities that he otherwise would not have access to. Not only that, but the choices we have made for funding through Community Crossroads have been instrumental to his development. Luke has transformed with equine therapy. He has become more interactive, socially engaged, and confident; all traits any parent of a child experiencing autism cherish. Luke has gained these skills in equine therapy and applied them to other areas of his life. No longer is he socially isolated, depressed, unsure. Luke has picked up archery as an interest and even has participated in national competitions. At 13, his instructors even asked him to consider coaching! In fact, Luke’s first student is another child who also experienced autism. Like equine therapy, archery is also a great therapeutic medium, and we know his confidence and skills are directly related to the equine therapy Community Crossroads helped to put into place,

Thanks to your support, Hailey has received a grant that will help with repairs for her van. Hailey’s van was repaired at Reliant Auto last summer. Her family believes that there is no way this could have been possible without the fundraising committee. With travels to Children’s Hospital Boston constantly, having a safe and reliable vehicle is a necessity to provide Hailey with all of her needs.

Thanks to your support, Holden will be able to socialize with peers this summer at a virtual Minecraft camp. Holden has been provided with an accessible computer with a Bluetooth keyboard. 

“Autism is such a scary unknown for parents like me. It seemed no one, not even the state, cared if Jack got support and services. I felt so alone and disconnected. Community Crossroads and Cathy W. are a lifeline! Some light shining in the dark guiding us and supporting my son. She even came with me to intimidating IEP meetings.”

Thanks to your support, Isabella can attend dance classes!  Isabella is loving the dance classes! Due to anxiety, Isabella typically has a very difficult time separating from me, but because of her deep love for music and movement she is motivated to do these classes independently. They are really giving her confidence, meeting some of her sensory needs and bringing her so much joy!

Fundraising efforts have assisted Jared and his family in renting a wheelchair van on a trip to Florida and enjoying activities including seeing the Blue Man Group!

“Thank you for providing Taylor with a new iPad! We were transitioning out of the local school district, and were unable to take her iPad with us, leaving my non-verbal daughter without means to communicate. You stepped in and procured a new/updated iPad and the software needed for Taylor’s communication. She absolutely loves the new iPad, and is talking away!”

Thanks to your support, Cole is employed!  Cole was able to work with a life coach to improve his skills and get a new job.
Pictured are Cole and his life coach enjoying time walking the neighborhood and talking about life after his day at work.

Jarit was able to take driving lessons at Bensons and did very well, he recently received his license!
He is very proud of his success and thankful for the support of Community Crossroads.

Thanks to your support, Bob has been able to enjoy zip lining!  Here he is pictured at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH.


-number of consecutive interagency collaborative trainings between Community Crossroads and Center for Life Management.

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