New Hampshire Council for Developmental Disabilities Offers New Gran

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Earlier this year, the New Hampshire Developmental Disabilities Council (NHDDC) rolled out (NHDDC) rolled out a new grant for those who are impacted by developmental disabilities. This new employment grant, which will help those all throughout the state, will give funds to help people advance their goals in employment and post-secondary school. Below are some of the many ways that the NHCDD is planning to help:

·     Funds for uniforms and tools that will help better perform a job at their workplace.

·     Funds to attend resume and interview trainings. 

·     Funds to help pay for drivers education.

·     Funds to help with transportation to job interviews or a job itself. 

·     Funds for specific classes that will help one better get closer to their educational goals such as a culinary or phlebotomy course. 

·     Funds for any job-related trainings that could lead to a promotion in the workplace.

The NHCDD gives up to $1,000 grants for those who apply. Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre said this grant exists because of the limatations around the limtations around Vocational Rehab’s current method of giving out funds being based on severity of needs Rodriguez-Legende said the council had concerns that some people who have less severe disabilities while whilestill in need of support to in need of support to help them succeed may be receiving less money and are at risk of not reaching ing their full potential. 

The NHCDD received their first application last month and hopes to hear about the success stories and the way their funds have helped families across NH. 

To view more information about this grant or apply to it, go to:

The link to the application is under the section titled “Small Grants for Employment-Related Activities/Needs”

Image: Members of the NH Developmental Council

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