Don’t Miss This…15th Annual Caregiver’s Conference

The 15th Annual Caregiver’s Conference will take place virtually on Wednesday, November 10th from 9:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Each year – the Coalition of Caring hosts the Caregiver’s Conference to provide caregivers with practical skills that can be used daily, provide current information on support services and resources, offer the opportunity for emotional support, and raise community awareness. 

The keynote speaker at this year’s event will be Dr. Aaron Blight. According to the Coalition of Caring’s website, “Aaron’s passion for supporting caregivers is rooted in his personal experience as a family caregiver, his professional work as the owner of a large home care company, and as a leader of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.” 

Lorene Reagan, Member of Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire (BIANH) Board of Directors and Conference Committee Planning Member, said “the conference is not only a day of education – but also about networking and feeling pampered. It is a way to say thank you to all caregivers”. Even though this year’s conference is virtual, the Planning Committee hopes to host an event that is educational and allows for meaningful connections to be made. 

Ellen Edgerly, Community Organizer at BIANH, created this event 15 years ago as a way to bring caregiver’s throughout our state together to connect. While the first conference only featured 35-40 attendees, the event has grown tremendously and approximately 280 caregivers attended the last in-person Caregiver’s Conference. 

For more information about this year’s Caregiver’s Conference, contact Lori Sandefur, Director of Events and Special Projects at BIANH, at or (603)-568-8817. To learn more about the Coalition of Caring or to register for the conference, visit their website HERE

[Photo: Members of the Caregiver’s Conference Planning Committee]

Left to right: Jeannine Leclerc, Polly Bernard, Lisa DiMartino, Ellen Edgerly, Bernie Seifert, Christina Shepard, Lorene Reagan, Val Kidder

Missing From Photo:  Beverly Bolduc, Jen Brechtel, Shirley Gordon, Robert Magill, Kimberly Mueller, David Ouellette, Becky Rule


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