Distributing Funds To Those We Support

Our fundraising efforts are a key aspect of our area agency. The Annual Golf Challenge, Kids Carnival, and Silent Auction are just some of the ways we raise money – and promote community awareness about our organization. 

Throughout the year, we offer grants to children and adults with developmental and other disabilities and their families/caregivers with the money we raise through our fundraising initiatives. The purpose of these grants is to provide assistance to those we support to access things like adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapeutic services, environmental modifications, and respite as well as engage in social/recreational opportunities not covered by Medicaid and/or private insurance to live more independent and meaningful lives . 

In order to receive a grant, a family member should reach out to the individual’s service coordinator via email, phone call, a handwritten letter, or by filling out the online Fundraising Grant Application: Region 10 Fund Raising Grant Application ( Once the form is filled out – please get it to your/your child’s service coordinator. This will give you and the service coordinator an opportunity to catch up and connect. Then, the Fundraising Grant Committee, made up of employees at our area agency, meets every other month to discuss the applications and discuss how much they are able to give. The current Fundraising Grant Committee includes: Jennifer Bertrand (Chair of Fundraising Grant Committee & Director of Community Partnerships), Tammy Dudal (Director of Early Supports & Services), Bea Vargas (Service Coordinator), Linda Leahy (Family Support Coordinator), Melissa Durant (Family Support Coordinator), and Nancy Hoyt (Billing Coordinator).  . 

See the graph below to view the 2021 Fiscal Year Grant Distribution: 

The committee meets every other month to review applications on an individual basis and allocate available funding. There is not a set amount that the committee gives to each family, but rather it is based on the individual request and the amount of funding available.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, some of our fundraisers have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have certainly missed holding our Silent Auction and Kids Carnival – we have continued to provide support to families. Jennifer Bertrand researched potential grant opportunities and secured funding to help replace some of our lost fundraising event revenue. In 2020 and 2021, our agency was awarded grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF).  We also received a grant in 2020 from The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities (NHCDD). The NHCF and NHCDD made it possible for our agency to provide critical financial assistance to those we serve to stay safe, be healthy, and access needed technology/equipment to stay connected.  Individuals and families who experienced financial insecurity as a result of the COVID-19 crisis received financial assistance to help pay for things like food, medication, PPE, utilities, household repairs, cleaning supplies, assistive technology to access telehealth services, and much more.  This assistance made it possible for people to shelter in place, maintain housing, stay warm, etc. . While the pandemic created new pressing needs and challenges, the  awards we received from the NHCF and NHCDD allowed us to make a significant difference in the lives of people with disabilities living in our local communities  . Individuals and/or families in need of financial support can reach out to their service coordinator to submit a request for financial assistance.  All requests are considered on an individual basis.  We are so grateful that these organizations share similar values to ours!

The Fundraising Grant Committee is greatly impacted knowing that the funds are going on to improve the lives of people we support. Michael Pennisi, who has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, received a grant to participate in Project Walk Boston (an organization that helps people who either cannot walk, or those who have trouble walking). Michael’s mom Maura said “I am hopeful Michael’s session at Project Walk strengthens him so that he can gain confidence and be more physical in his life.” Maura said she is grateful for both the Fundraising Grant Committee – and organizations such as Project Walk.

Others receive funds for technology items. “Emily and her family would like to thank all who made it possible for Emily to have her own laptop. She has gained some independence while searching for information needed for school projects or homework assignments. She is building confidence and gaining knowledge at her own speed,” wrote one family who recently received some money. To view more ways our grants have gone on to help individuals – check out the testimonials on our Grants at Work page. 

Chris Roy, Director of Business Administration & Human Resources, said “The Fundraising Grant Committee came into being when a core group of employees and volunteers who participated in one or more of our annual fundraisers agreed that proceeds should be distributed in a fair and equitable way to the individuals and families served.”  

As an area agency – we look forward to continuing to assist families in a wide variety of ways and making a difference in the lives of many!

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