COVID-19 Information and Updates

Reflections of Life in COVID-19

It has been three months since Community Crossroads entered remote operations. The routine rhythms of all our lives changed considerably over that period of time.  We know this is true of all the families, individuals, and partner organizations that we interact with on a daily basis.  It has been alternately, an amazing and worrisome journey.  It has been inspiring to watch our incredibly dedicated employees continue to do their best while dealing with the fears and anxiety of the pandemic, helping at risk family members, home schooling children, or parenting infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, while juggling their job responsibilities.  We have tried hard to maintain virtual connections, but most of us didn’t get involved in human services because we love spending our time glued to the computer screen or with a phone attached to our ears. It is the human connection with one another, visiting in person, meeting together in the common cause of trying to support the over 1,200 individuals and families served by Community Crossroads.  Through it all we have however stayed true to our mission. 


The impact on all of us can not be underestimated, but we are grateful beyond measure for our provider partners, their direct support professionals, managers, and directors who we consider among the heroes of essential workers. In the early days for the community residences that saw the first individuals and staff that tested positive and developed symptoms, the impact was enormous. Maneuvering through the new realities of Public Health and requisitioning PPE, added to the complexities of their work. Direct Support Professionals sacrificed in ways many people do not realize.  In many programs, they left their homes and families, spent long stretches of days at a time supporting the individuals in residences who were positive for COVID 19 in full PPE and when their “shifts” ended they couldn’t go home to their families. They had to quarantine in hotel rooms and other locations for a 14 day period and in some cases developing symptoms themselves.  We learned how small our system truly is and how so many direct support professionals can not survive on the wages of one full time job. Many DSP’s who were tested positive as a result of exposure at a job with one employer also unknowingly exposed staff and individuals at their “second” job. 


We are grateful for the support of the State of NH, DHHS, and the Bureau of Developmental Services.  Their guidance and leadership to assist us in continuing to support individuals and families during the last few months has been instrumental in helping us navigate our new world. We also owe a great deal to Community Support Network, Inc., the association of the 10 area agencies. Through the leadership of Executive Director, Jonathan Routhier, they did amazing work centralizing communication with provider agencies, securing PPE, and assisting with numerous projects that affected us all.


We are not out of the woods yet, but we have come a long way since March. Our Service Coordinators soon hope to begin meeting in person with those they serve while ensuring social distancing and safe precautions.  We hope that you all stay healthy, safe, and are able to enjoy the glorious summer in New Hampshire.


Cynthia Mahar


March 30, 2020 COVID-19 Message Update

We hope that you and your loved ones continue to remain healthy.  Community Crossroads continues with remote operations. Last week the Governor issued a stay at home order that went into effect on Friday March 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM. This order directed all but “essential businesses” to remain closed. Details of this order can be found at:


We want to reassure you that services provided through the area agency system are considered essential services. Our staff continues to work remotely and is available to you via telephone or email. We know that these times are very difficult for you and your family. Our service provider agencies are doing their best to provide essential services to those they serve during a constantly changing situation. We know that this has and may continue to have a significant impact on their staffing levels and that they are working extremely hard to provide the safest level of care to those they serve. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this evolving situation. 


We will continue to provide updated information on our website.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact your service coordinator.

Division Of Medicaid Services direction regarding the 90-day supply of maintenance medication and the early refill override for COVID-19

90-Day Medications:

  • All three MCOs and Medicaid fee-for-service allow members to receive a 90-day supply of maintenance medications through their local pharmacies.

Early Refills of Up to a 30-Day Supply of Medications During the COVID-19 Emergency:

  • There are limitations on how early members will be allowed to refill controlled substance prescriptions due to the high risk of overdose in New Hampshire. Requests for early refills received by the PBMs for controlled substances (Schedules II-IV) for reason of COVID-19 are referred to the health plan’s Pharmacy Unit as applicable.Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) and the three MCOs are allowing an early refill override during the COVID-19 Emergency to allow members to obtain up to a 30-day supply of medications.
  • Early refills are not automatic. The NH Medicaid process for requesting an early refill requires the pharmacy to call the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to request an override of the early refill denial. The member will need to request the pharmacy to provide an early refill due to COVID-19. The pharmacy will then call the PBM to obtain the refill override.

For further information:

Contact Numbers for Members
Health Plan Phone Number
AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire 833-704-1177
NH Healthy Families 866-769-3085
Well Sense Health Plan 877-957-1300
Medicaid Fee-for-Service 866-664-4506
Contact Numbers for Pharmacies  
Health Plan Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Phone Number
AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire PerformRx 888-765-6394
NH Healthy Families CVS Pharmacy Help Desk 888-613-7051
Well Sense Health Plan EnvisionRx Pharmacy Help Desk 800-361-4542
Medicaid Fee-for-Service Magellan RX Management 866-664-4511


Medicaid Managed Care Organization Information COVID-19

Below you will find websites that members can access for MCO-specific COVID-19 information.

211 NH has been mobilized to handle all COVID-19 related calls from New Hampshire residents.
All residents with questions or concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak can call 2-1-1.