Building Skills Through Leadership Training Program

This past fall, six of Community Crossroads’ employees participated in Franklin Pierce University’s Leadership Training Program.

This 20-hour program, which was customized specifically towards those who work for our area agency, focused on skills relating to leadership styles, public speaking, accounting, and the Board of Directors who make decisions to best help our area agency and those we serve. 

The employees who received a certificate for completing the program include:

  • Meaghan Calvo – Business Operations Assistant
  • Jennifer Chisholm – Director of Clinical Services 
  • Lisa Houde – Director of Quality Improvement/Staff Development
  • Sammi Martin – Acquired Brain Disorder Service Coordinator
  • Crystal Napoli – Service Coordinator
  • Sarah Snyder – Director of Children & Family Services

For Sammi, the part of the program that surprised her the most was the portion on public speaking which she expected to be more difficult. “The approach of the instructor to focus on building confidence, as well as explore our own styles, minimized the negative impact that public speaking usually has on me,” Sammi said. She added that public speaking is one of the top two fears in the world and while remembers the feeling of accomplishment she had on the final day, she no longer remembers the anxiety or discomfort she felt on day one. 

The program, which had a positive impact on Crystal, was completely virtual because of the pandemic. “In times of crisis, people in leadership positions on the local and national levels respond in such different manners. It was a unique moment to reflect on the kind of leader I want to be in my community,” she noted. Crystal added the program helped her form a closer interpersonal connection with her peers in the program and allowed her to practice making presentations over Zoom which is useful for everyday aspects of her job. 

In October, participants got the chance to sit in on a Board of Directors meeting. Meaghan noted she enjoyed learning more about the huge role they play at our agency, and how passionate they are for the overall vision of Community Crossroads. 

All who completed the program agree that the partnership between our area agency and Community Crossroads is crucial in making these types of programs possible. “Being able to offer this to employees is an excellent way to attract and retain talent. It also shows that Community Crossroads is invested in their professional development.. I think it’s not only a wonderful partnership, but an important one,” Meaghan noted. Sammi added “the partnership with Franklin Pierce reinforces that Community Crossroads is willing to invest as much in us as we invest in supporting families.” 

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