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Our powerful legislative advocacy program is developing the next generation of leaders while partnering families & individuals so together we can craft a better future for people who experience disability!

Have you ever wanted to participate in the legislative process and help sway opinions and votes on bills that will affect you & your family? Have you ever wanted to tell your Representatives how pending legislation will affect your family for better or worse and elicit their support? Is the New Hampshire legislative process a mystery to you?

Policy Partners is a leadership course that spans over 10 months (September – June). Participants are mentored individually by an experienced leader/advocate and also benefit from targeted training sessions lead by highly experienced local and national professional speakers on topics including relationship building, community organizing, communication, persuasion, issue framing, etc. Please email or call Jennifer Bertrand at 603-893-1299 for more information.

Apply today for the upcoming 2019-20 Policy Partners program and/or nominate an ideal candidate!  Please complete the Application and/or Nomination form and email/mail to Jennifer Bertrand.

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number of individuals we serve with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders and their families

“Policy Partners encourages participants to remember that they are the disability experts & teaches them how to share their knowledge & experiences with policy makers.”
– Cathy Spinney, Program Creator & Mentor