Our Staff

Jennifer Banks

Rep-Payee Assistant

Ext. 363

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Jennifer Bertrand

Director of Community Partnerships

Ext. 358

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Angela Boyle

Director of Oral Health Services

Ext. 344

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Brytani Brown

Intensive Services Coordinator

Ext. 356

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Alicia Buono

Marketing Specialist

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Tom Call

Coordinator of Consumer Direct and Managed Services

Ext. 316

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Meaghan Calvo

Business Operations Assistant

Ext. 311

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Jennifer Chisholm

Director of Clinical Services

Ext. 346

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Brittany Cirame

A/P Coordinator

Ext. 357

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Jodi Clement

Intensive Services Coordinator

Ext. 360

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Leslie Coughlin

Community Support Secretary

Ext. 327

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Kathy Dery

Service Coordinator

Ext. 302

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Alexa Diaz

Independent Service Coordinator

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Bill Dillon

PA Processor

Ext. 317

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Annjeanette Dow

Service Coordinator

Ext. 321

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Colby Dudal

Digital Marketing Assistant

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Tammy Dudal

Family Centered ESS Coordinator

Ext. 326

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Rochelle Dumont

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 334

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Melissa Durant

Family Support Coordinator

Ext. 350

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Jennifer Havel

Service Coordinator

Ext. 314

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Lisa Houde

Director of Quality Improvement/Staff Development

Ext. 325

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Kristine Houle

Intake & Eligibility Coordinator

Ext. 330

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Crystal Jetté

Independent Service Coordinator

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Deanna Johnson

Representative Payee and Employment Manager

Ext. 323

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Caitlin Jones

START Coordinator

Ext. 300
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Kelly Judson

Director of Community Services

Ext. 331

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Jane Keay

Independent Service Coordinator

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David Kennedy

Development Coordinator

Ext. 333

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Andrea Lambert

Rep-Payee Coordinator

Ext. 329

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Linda Leahy

Service Coordination Team Leader

Ext. 324

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Sherry Linehan

Data Entry Clerk

Ext. 307

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Leah Lynch

Service Coordinator

Ext. 362

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Cynthia Mahar

Area Agency Director

Ext. 341

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Samantha Martin

ABD Service Coordinator

Ext. 343

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Sara Martino

Administrative Specialist

Ext. 308
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Stacy Merriam

Billing Coordinator

Ext. 337

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Ann-Marie Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Ext. 328

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Nancy Papanikolaou

Service Coordinator

Ext. 319

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Aleece Pappas

Service Coordinator/FS Liaison

Ext. 322

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Tina Paquin

Director of Independent Service Coordination

Ext. 332

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Maura Pennisi

PIH Family Support Coordinator

Ext. 359

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Andrea Perrella

Independent Service Coordinator

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Dennis Powers

President/Chief Executive Officer

Ext. 315

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Sheila Prunier

Executive Assistant

Ext. 306

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Toni Pulli

Service Coordinator

Ext. 318

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Bonnie Roberts

Independent Service Coordinator

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Chris Roy

Associate Director

Ext. 312

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Stephanie Senia

Service Coordinator

Ext. 348

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Sarah Snyder

Service Coordination Team Leader

Ext. 340

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Brian Sousa

Independent Service Coordinator

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Ryan Souza

Service Coordinator

Ext. 361

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Laura Spinney

Service Coordinator/IHS Waiver

Ext. 352

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Carole Thibodeau

Accounting Coordinator

Ext. 336

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Rosemary Todd

Independent Service Coordinator

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James Vadeboncoeur

Property Manager

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Beatrice Vargas

Service Coordinator

Ext. 354

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Erin Vincent

Service Coordinator

Ext. 366

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Cathy Wahl

Family Support Coordinator

Ext. 320

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