Our Mission


Our mission is to provide people in need of long term supports, either through age or disability, with the information, guidance, support and advocacy they need to remain in their chosen homes and live full, independent lives.

Vision for Those We Serve

We envision a day when people with long-term care needs will take their place as full citizens within their communities and have equal opportunities to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

We envision a day when they will live full and independent lives – lives that include:

  1. A clear vision for their own future with a sense of hope, possibility and direction
  2. A wide range of choices and the ability to determine how to live their lives
  3. Strong, healthy relationships with family and friends
  4. A safe and stable home to live in as long as they choose
  5. Meaningful employment and a livable wage during their working years
  6. A broader community that recognizes their individuality, gifts, and talents
  7. The flexible supports and services they need to live their lives
  8. Accessing all of their civil rights

Guiding Principles

We believe that those we serve:

  1. Should have a broad range of choices
  2. Can and should direct their lives. We provide present options and link them to supports, but they are the “drivers”
  3. Need and deserve natural systems of support and relationships
  4. Have needs that will change over the course of their lives
  5. Thrive best when they are fully included in their communities and live in non-institutional settings

We believe that in order to achieve our mission we must:

  1. Respect the uniqueness of every person and family
  2. Truly listen to those we serve
  3. Provide flexible, person-centered support
  4. Use data to improve the quality of our services
  5. Pay attention and adapt to changes in our environment and to the changing needs of those we serve
  6. Always advocate for the full civil rights of those we serve


-number of consecutive interagency collaborative trainings between Community Crossroads and Center for Life Management.