Area Agency Services

Serving individuals with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders and their families living in 11 towns in southeastern NH.​


Community Crossroads’ mission is to provide people in need of long term supports, either through age or disability, with the information, guidance, support and advocacy they need to remain in their chosen homes and live full, independent lives.

Our Agency

A comprehensive community agency serving families and individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions from birth to elder years through conflict free case management.


Community Crossroads educates and empowers individuals and families and advocates for their civil rights.

Specialized Services

We offer additional services that are an extension of our supportive mission. These include-Oral Health Services; Choices for Independence, Partners in Health, and Representative Payee Services.

Thank you to all of our Craft Fair vendors and attendees!

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Support Goes A Long Way

Your donation will help children and adults who experience developmental and other disabilities live full and productive lives in the community

Join us for our annual Kids Carnival on February 2nd from 11AM-4PM at the Woodbury Middle School located at 206 Main Street in Salem, NH.

The carnival is a FREE fun family community event! Enjoy craft activities, carnival inspired games and contests as well as demonstrations from a local dance group, gymnastics team and martial arts studio. Come check out some exciting raffles and maybe you will be one of our lucky winners! The Kids Carnival is a FREE open house style event, however donations are welcomed. 100% of the proceeds raised will be used for Community Crossroads’ Fundraising Grants which benefit the people we serve, individuals with developmental and other disabilities as well as their families/caregivers.

“With generous assistance from Community Crossroads, my daughter was able to move into her own apartment…She wanted her independence and wanted to live in her own place…She is thriving in her new home and with continued support will continue to do so. We thank Community Crossroads for giving our daughter the ability to pursue her independent living, just like everyone else.”
– Brenda, mother of Courtney


 individuals served through our Specialized Services


 number of individuals we serve with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders and their families


 clients utilizing our Representative Payee program

Announcements & Community Events

Awareness for Employees with Disabilities

As we move past October, it is important to keep our focus on this important initiative. Read more here!

The Decision to Act

Read about Policy Partners here.





We are extremely grateful to the Board of Directors of SARC for, once again, supporting Community Crossroads. On August 22, 2019, Angela Boyle, Director of Oral Health Services, accepted a check in the amount of $15,741.35 to purchase needed dental supplies and equipment. This donation allows individuals served by Community Crossroad access to critical oral health services in their natural setting.  The check was presented by SARC board members Betty Voter, Kathy Corey Fox, and Elaine Lavin.

This represents the second major donation from SARC to Community Crossroads and continues a valuable partnership which has spanned the past 40 years in support of individuals and families in the Greater Salem community.